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MY LIBERICA Coffee Blossom Tea


There is only whole morning for the coffee flowers to bloom. When it blooms, the coffee farm will be white and emits a strong aroma of jasmine. The production cost of LIBERICA is quite high, the flowers are harvested and powdered are made into tea, which can increase the additional value to coffee.

Tasting Notes :

Jasmine, rose and honey sweet

The Liberica coffee blossoms bloom for just 1-2 days and they are prized for their strong and unique aromatics & sweetness. MY LIBERICA harvests fresh blossoms delicately from branches after natural pollination & preserves its taste through the dehydration method.

Storage Care:
The dried flowers have not been treated chemically and may attract bugs. Keep your coffee blossom in a dry and air tight container at room temperature to them our of moisture & tiny visitors.

Hot Brew:
Ratio: 1g blossom to 5oz / 150ml water
For 12oz / 375ml teapot (2 teacups), use 2.5g blossoms, this will be 1 Chinese-soupspoonful of blossoms.

Steep blossoms in hot water (90-95ºC) for 5 minutes.
Stir or press before removing the blossoms and enjoy it warm.

Cold Brew:
Ratio: 1g blossom to 3oz / 90ml water
For 16.9oz / 500ml teapot (2 teacups), use 5.5g blossoms, this will be 2 Chinese-soupspoonful of blossoms.

Steep blossoms in cold water and store in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.
Remove the blossoms and enjoy it cold.