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MY LIBERICA Coffee Cascara Tea


During the coffee processing, the coffee peel will be removed and discarded or used to make fertilizer. We will carefully handle the peeled peel and make into fruit peel tea to increase the value of coffee.

Tasting Notes :

Hawthorn, caramel and bamboo cane herbal tea

Cascara, which means “husk”, “peel” or “skin” in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. The whole coffee cherries are washed with clean water, the pulped skins are then collected after the seeds (coffee beans) have been removed from the cherries, and finally, they are slowly sun-dried on a raised bed & greenhouse until it’s ready!

Hot Brew:
Step 1: Tear open the teabag packaging & take out the filter bag
Step 2: Put the teabag into a 250-300ml tea cup or container, and add 90-95ºC hot water.
Step 3: After soaking for 2-3 minutes, stir the teabag until the tea colour is uniform, then enjoy!

Cold Brew:
Ratio: 1 teabag 250ml water
Steep teabag in cold water and store in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Remove the teabag and enjoy it cold.