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Green Bean – Anaerobic Baby Cherries


Indulge in the unique flavors of Liberica beans cultivated through the Anaerobic Natural method. Grown at low altitudes in Johor, the beans undergo a meticulous 15-day fermentation in sealed barrels, revealing notes of raisins, red dates, black plum, hawthorn, cocoa nibs, ripe bananas, and caramelized sugar.

Plantation :

MY LIBERICA Plantation

Variety :


Processing :

Anaerobic Natural – Baby Cherry

Altitude :

0 – 20 Metres Above Sea Level

States :


Country :


Tasting Notes :

Raisins, red dates, black plum, hawthorn, cocoa nibsm ripe bananas, caramelized-sugar

About Fermentation

The Anaerobic Baby Cherry coffee processing method involves selecting only the ripe coffee cherries and using a color sorter for further processing. These selected cherries are then sealed within barrels and undergo a controlled fermentation at a precise temperature for 15 days. Following the fermentation process, the coffee cherries are transferred to a greenhouse where both temperature and humidity are carefully regulated, ensuring their thorough and consistent drying.

Coffee Farm

MY LIBERICA owns 50 acres (20 hectares) of carefully grown coffee in Kulai, Johor. Due to the unique soil nutrients and conditions, all coffee trees come from the Liberica variety. To improve coffee quality and be environmentally responsible, we use coffee waste on our farm to produce organic fertilizer. Compared to other Liberica coffee farms, we grow, harvest, process and roast our coffee with a good understanding of the geography, which improves our unique coffee flavor. In order to stimulate production and improve the quality of coffee planting and harvesting, we also purchase coffee cherries from nearby coffee farmers to encourage farmers to produce high-quality coffee cherries by increasing the purchase price.

MY LIBERICA coffee processing facility

MY LIBERICA began investing in the new processing plant in 2014, which became the first speciality coffee processing facility dedicated to Liberica species in Malaysia. The facility objectives include improving coffee flavours and safe consumption through meticulous and different processing methodologies. Current processing methods are: Honey Process, Natural Sun Dry Process, Fully Washed Process, Traditional Process, and etc.

In 2020, we cooperated with world baristas champion 2015, Sasa Sestic, developed a new processing method called “Anaerobic Process”. This processing let Hugh Kelly,Australia Baristas became the champion of Australia Baristas Champion2020 and 2 rd runner of World Baristas Champion 2021.