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International Cafe and Beverage Show 2023

International Café and Beverage Show 2023

It was a blast meeting with you all at the ICBS 2023 !

We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by for choosing us and trying our specialty coffee. Did you guys enjoy it? Don’t forget to share your coffee experience with your friends too!

Through this event, We hope the specialty coffee from Malaysia will keep continue and spread to the world.

Thank you!


非常感谢所有前来光临展览会的每一位和尝试我们特色咖啡的所有人。 千万别忘了与你的好友分享这次的咖啡体验!

通过这次的活动,我们也再次让大家更好地了解到关于My Liberica的一切,让我们继续把来自马来西亚的My Liberica咖啡宣传到世界各地!